2012 Review of Rocket Spanish®:  (Plus Secret Discount Link)...
by Maria Cristina Silva Lopez January 3, 2013 | LearnSpanish Programs co-editor             

"As  a  Spanish teacher / linguist I wasn't expecting to find anything much with Rocket Spanish...
Review Rocket Spanish Program I'm absolutely not impressed with most learn Spanish programs. Most offer over inflated, hyped up claims that don't measure up. The students I meet just want to learn Spanish fast and easy.

The reasons vary from wanting to survive while traveling abroad to preparing for a future career. The trend is that more and more students are turning to online Spanish programs.

NOTE: If you've joined the free newsletter you know that as of February 2012 Mauricio Evlampieff just announced he's promoting a limited 50% off to those signed onto the Rocket Spanish® Free 6-day course.  This additional discount comes and goes and is only open for a few days, however.  Once you subscribe you get an inside look at the course PLUS be alerted via. email when that secret discount window opens again.

You can also go review their offer now at their official site here: Rocket Spanish review.

What most don't realize is that upon completion of the Rocket Spanish premium program you will quiet surprisingly find yourself at an A2 level, which is equivalent to 2 full years of schooling. Meaning you'll be able to hold your own in everyday basic Spanish conversation. I was uphauled to say the least!

How does Rocket Spanish Premium Work?

It's divided up to keep you stimulated without feeling like you're drinking from a fire hydrant. That's important to note as many Spanish courses do just that. You don't want to get overwhelmed, especially in the very beginning. As a member myself I think you'll appreciate that this massive program is divided into 32 lessons. Each is about 25 minutes long, in total some 12 hours of native Spanish conversations. I find that few people are able to stay alert for 25 non-stop minutes learning a foreign language. Each audio is divided into smaller manageable chunks.

All four skills you need to communicate (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are taken care of in the software component of the program. So, its more of a comprehensive Spanish learning program in scope.

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Is it Easy to Use?

I can see you guys thinking right now, "Maybe one day I can tutor fun seeking girls (see vid) to learn Spanish quickly and easily!" C'mon men! Focus. So, is Rocket Spanish easy to use? Well, comparatively speaking when you put it up against most of the household, name brand $750+ Spanish courses out there it does well to keep learning motivating and fun.

Using Rocket Spanish is as easy as pressing ‘play’ on your MP3 player and play on your DVD player. And you will want to know what I call down to earth, real-world, 'street Spanish'. Period. The kind of words and phrases found in every day conversations. Otherwise locals will be giving you weird looks.

You can find more visually intensive Spanish courses that are 5x's more expensive. Video isn't cheap to produce. But Rocket offers you the flexibility of audio AND video if you want.

Does the Rocket Spanish premium software Offer any Bonus, Coupon or Discount Incentive?

At the end of the day, Rocket Spanish is a commercial product. The folks at Rocket Languages want you to buy Rocket Spanish. Compared to most learn Spanish software online, Rocket is the best bang for your buck. Pricing tends to fluctuate. Click Here to see: Rocket Spanish Price. Now that MP3 players rule, you can instantly download Rocket Spanish discounting it to $99.95, about a third of the software price.

For any additional program discounts, coupons codes, or bonus offers I recommend those offered by the program creators Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham here: Rocket Spanish Course Bonus instead of outside 3rd party offers. Only Rocket Spanish bonuses come with a guarantee.

WARNING: Third party 'Free' bonus offer packages with inflated values are often scams used as a ploy to steal your e-address for future spam offers. In the long run you'll be better served staying with bonuses offered by the creators.

What do I Really get?

New members who order the program get immediate access to 32 interactive audio-based Rocket Spanish lessons, 31 Spanish Language and Culture lessons, 3 MegaSpanish games (MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs), interactive quizzes and tests, and login access to a help forum, plus updates and upgrades free for life.

Is this the Best Spanish Program for Learning?

A quick search for ‘Rocket Spanish review ‘will give you hundreds of conflicting opinions, ratings, and reviews. How can you tell if the Rocket Spanish software is a scam or the real deal? The easiest way is to sign up for their free basic course. For six days you get an all-access pass to everything Rocket Spanish has to offer with no further obligation.

What's Their Help or Support Like?

All the Rocket Spanish lessons are designed to be fully completed in 8 weeks. But if this is too fast for you, you can set your own pace; and if you find something difficult you can use their 24-hour language support forum where professional teachers will give you a hand. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can head to the forum and talk to Spanish students who just like you are looking for someone to practice your Spanish conversation with.


There may be better options and even cheaper options, but it hard to find a better value-for-money program than the Rocket Languages Product. In the end if you need full Spanish comprehensive learning in short order at an affordable price, Rocket Spanish latest product delivers. Click Here: Rocket Spanish @ -$200 Off!