The Best 3 Spanish Language Courses on DVD or CD-ROM
by Karen Waites June 2011 | LearnSpanish Programs co-editor

As a teacher I often get the question of what Spanish Video program on CD-ROM or DVD is the best?...
Best Learn Spanish DVDs?

That's actually an easy answer. But it's often not the most popular, best reviewed, or the most expensive Spanish DVD program. Many assume that what's adverstised as the 'best' must be the best for them. And that may or may not be true. However, most of the time what's voted the 'best' course is not the best for you personally.

So, Which Learn Spanish Course DVDs are Best?

Below are 4 questions to consider for discovering what unique Spanish learning program will most likely fit you personally. The bottom line is that the 'best' Spanish language DVD course is largely dependent upon what your current learning level, goals, time restraints, and learning style is.

Everyone is different in that respect so the same course can't always be the best for everyone.

So here's a quick run down of the top three learn Spanish DVD courses currently on the market.

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Best Learn Spanish Video Courses of 2010:

Tell Me More Spanish Course
Tell Me More Spanish DVD
Tell Me More Spanish V10 is developed by Aurolog who opened its first office in Paris, France in 1987, when it started developing its “One size doesn´t fit all” approach to Spanish language courses. Tell me more Spanish are conclusively, a leading and credible Spanish course provider. Tell me more Spanish is a Spanish Mastery course for those serious about using all the latest tools and technology to learn Spanish.

Tell Me more Spanish has very recently brought the V10 boxed course to the market. V10 Spanish claims to use both the communicative and PRIME approach. It is definately a comprehensive approach offering ten levels ranging from beginner to advanced or Spanish mastery.

The V10 course is unique in all that it offers to keep you on track including progress tests, a weekly Euro news report (European not Latino Spanish), altogether a total 20 hours of interactive DVD video alone that's also formatted in CD and MP3 audio.

The immersion DVD's utilize role play games and exercises to keep the process fun. You even play a TV Character at one point. The program is backed by 24/7 online support along with a 90 day money back guarantee. All of which when added together make the current price a serious consideration. This is new for 2010 and considered probably the overall best Learn Spanish DVD course available. Click the link to check out the latest price reduction.

Transparent Spanish Complete Edition
Transparent Spanish DVD
Transparent Language offers a low cost alternative for those looking to learn comprehensive Spanish from a variety of angles including Spanish immersion video, audio MP3, games, and exercises.

Transparent utilizes a unique memory algorithm technology created by Byki Deluxe which tailors individual learning based on your strenghts and weaknesses. You actually record your voice and compare along side native Spanish speaking audio.

Included with the Complete Edition are lessons to develop your conversational Spanish skills using native language texts and Spanish immersion video and stories with the aim of getting you to Spanish proficiency as quickly as possible. This course may be the best bang for your buck. Overall this Learn Spanish CD-ROM course may be the best bang for your buck. Click the link to check out the latest price reduction.

Fluenz Spanish Tutorials

Fluenz Spanish DVDs Fluenz Spanish is created by on screen teacher and team leader Sonia Gill together with a few American Graduates who have language learning experiences. The Fluenz DVD tutorial course is specifically designed for adults and not children.

Each Fluenz lesson is organized into in two hour sessions and starts with the Fluenz virtual teacher´s rather irritating video introduction followed by a listening exercise in which vocabulary is delivered with optional subtitles

As a language teacher and experienced Spanish student, I know that repetition is an essential language learning technique. As a human being I found the F2 version quite a challenge as each F2 lesson means 2 hours in front of the computer watching Spanish Video lessons.

The newer F2 version is an improvement with added repetition yet I was left hanging when I made a mistake? The video tutorial never told me how to make corrections which led me to believe that F2 software was faulty, (naturally it couldn´t possibly be me).

Overall Fluenz' latest Learn Spanish DVD tutorial is an attractive option to video learning. Click the link to check out Fluenz' free Spanish video tutorial demo.

Top 4 Questions: Is it the 'Best' Learn Spanish DVD or CD-ROM Language Course for You:

  • Is the Content of Good Quality?:
  • This is consideration number one prior to purchasing any type learning Spanish program. Based on user reviews, does the Spanish program offer quality video output? Is it formatted on CD-ROM only or DVD? (CD-ROM works on your computer but not your DVD player. Can I try before I buy?

  • Is the Content Relevant?:
  • In other words, does the so-called 'best' Spanish DVD course teach what you specifically want to learn? We're seeing a trend where Spanish program creators will focus on a unique target audience. If learning Spanish on a budget is important you would do well to try the Transparent Spanish video course as opposed to Fluenz.

  • Is the Content Scalable?:
  • Try to stay with Spanish DVD programs with multiple starting levels to choose from. Top programs will at the very least offer beginners and Advanced Spanish DVD courses. As a beginner you don't want to start with one DVD Spanish course only to find out that don't offer advanced levels for continuing your Spanish education.

  • Is the Content Teaching You?
  • Finally, before purchasing any learn to speak Spanish DVD understand your best learning scenario or style. Most students don't realize they have a unique and habitual way of processing information. Do you learn best by hearing, seeing, or doing?

    Those are the main three 'modalities' that Spanish program creators target. Some programs will only emphasize one (usually audio) while others (like the top 3 above) will engage all three learning styles. So, if you learn better visually, a Spanish video learning program will keep learning easier than audio only.

    If your unsure as to what your preferred learning style is think about how you would describe a particular experience. If you tend to use use visually descriptive adjectives you probably lean towards visual learning. If you remember sounds than audio learning may serve you fine. But whatever you style engaging all three modalities in combination: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (doing) has proven to be the best way to learn.